To protect the groundwater table from the ingress of contaminated leachate, a waterproofing system is installed during the construction or extension of landfills. The next step is to use a drainage solution by DRAINTUBE® ACB to protect the geomembrane at the bottom of the cell and drain leachate towards a collector drain.

This geocomposite features a patented filter with Anti Biological Clogging (ABC) treatment to limit bacterial growth and guarantee drainage efficiency. Compared with a traditional solution, DRAINTUBE® ACB replaces the puncture-resistant geotextile placed on the geomembrane, 20 cm from drainage materials.

Connection to the collector via the Quick Connect system

The Quick Connect system directly connects the mini-drains from the DRAINTUBE® ACB to the main collector drain. In the event of gas drainage, it generates negative pressure in the entire system.