Geosynthetic & Lining

For more than 35 years now High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) has been considered the main solution for liquid and solid containment systems in the world.
This material comes in different shapes and thickness and colors depending on the application.

Since 1981, HDPE sheeting has been used extensively for lining applications worldwide because of its high physical strength, chemical resistance, and weld ability.

HDPE sheeting has been used in a wide variety of applications. These include:

    • Solid waste and hazardous waste landfills, liners and caps.
    • Mining ponds and leach pads.
    • Solid and liquid waste ponds in the chemical industry.
    • Wastewater ponds and water reservoirs for fire fighting, irrigation and water supply.
    • Canals and earthen dams for multi purpose uses (M&I) & tourism.
    • Fish farming and lagoons & aqua culture uses.
    • Secondary containment below and adjacent to oil, water and chemical tanks of steel, concrete, RPM Pipes, heavy duty pipes, ductile iron pipes, high density poly ethylene pipes of large diameters up to 800 mm.
    • Vertical cut-off walls around contaminated sites.
    • Construction – basement/foundation waterproofing and methane barriers.
    • Concrete tank linings.
    • Gulf courses lagoons.
    • Tunnel lining.