This is one of the largest group of geosynthetics. We must regard that geotextiles are porous and allow the passage of liquid through his plan, changing the permeability of each other. In general they comply with any of the following functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration and / or drainage.

There are two main types of geotextiles: Wovens and Nonwovens.

Tensar geogrid for road applications

Roads, Pavements & Surfaces

Predictable, cost-effective, and high-performance solutions

From major highways to heavy-duty haul roads, Tensar's geogrid technology and asphalt reinforcement technology are proven solutions that decrease material costs, increase pavement life, and reduce maintenance and rehabilitation.

Geogrids are commonly used to stabilize poor soils during sitework. In pavement structures, Tensar geogrids create a "snowshoe effect” over soft subgrades by locking aggregate particles more efficiently during compaction, stiffening the granular platform and reducing subgrade stress. Asphalt interlayers provide the function of reinforcement, waterproofing, and/or reflective crack mitigation to extend maintenance intervals.

Geogrids result in more resilient roadways that withstand not only everyday use, but also severe weather events and the increasing impact of challenging environmental conditions.

Geocells – GCE

Polyethylene Geocells have high tensile and peel strength. They are used in contact with soil/rock and/or any other geotechnical material in civil engineering applications. Also Geocells made of strips of geotextiles are offered.

GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liners – GCL

Waterproof geocomposite consisting of sodium bentonite between two geotextiles: a base woven geotextile and a top non-woven geotextile. Components are firmly bonded by needlepunching.

Multriwell system - Tritech -

Multriwell can be installed both after and during the process of waste disposal. Although all installations will be designed to meet custom requirements, two basic configurations can be distinguished.

One-layer extraction

If applied during its closing phase, the system will be installed on top of the landfill. The extraction of landfill gas can reach a maximum depth of twenty meters.